Some rules for your comfort and safety

Use slippers inside the house

Shoes are not allowed inside the house. We kindly ask our guests to use the slippers we provide or bring their own slippers. Our slippers are cleaned and sanitized. They will make you feel more comfortable and contribute to keeping the house clean during your stay.

How to use the stove?

Where to find wood?

 The most convenient place to buy logs of wood (take logs of 30 cm) and Kindling briquettes is the supermarket "systeme U " in Pleubian.

How to light the fire safely?

1- Turn the opening of the stove towards the bay window to avoid burning the carpet 2- Form a small square tower of about 5 floors with the wood briquettes. 3- Adjust the air supply at most 4- light the small tower which will produce a intense fire and will quickly increase the temperature of the stove. 5- Leave the stove door slightly ajar during this ignition stage 6- When the temperature reaches 100 degrees (see thermometer on the pipe) put a small log on the flames. 7- Check that the thermometer remains in the white zone (combustion zone that prevents soot). You can then close the door and adjust the air supply.


We endeavour to make the house as clean and healthy as possible for the comfort and health of our guests. 

We remind you that stove cleaning is not included in the cleaning fees. 
We therefore kindly ask you to clean the stove after use. 
Specific cleaning products are available under the sink. 

As a reminder: The same goes for the oven and barbecue.

If you are using the terrace, please leave it in the same condition as you found it. Avoid leaving food outside as it attracts birds who then drop out on furniture. Put the furniture back where you found it.

house configuration

We would like to kindly specify, that the three bedrooms of the house each have an independent entrance.  This means that the master bedroom (upstairs) is accessible via the main entrance of the house whereas the other two bedrooms are only accessible from the outside, one is on the ground garden and the other in the cottage. 
All rooms have WC and bathroom or shower room.  
So in general, we recommend this house rather for people who do not have children who are too young.  For teenagers or adults they will be able to appreciate the independence of the rooms. it may be disturbing for some families with children that the bedrooms are not accessible in the same building. 
If you have a baby we can provide a baby bed for free. 

Please kindly confirm if it is ok for you. 

house rules

No pets are allowed, even small dogs. Because we have people with allergies in the family. 
No parties are allowed. 
 We provide linen for beds and bathrooms and cleaning at the end of your stay, except for the wood stove, the oven and the barbecue which should be cleaned by our guests if they use it. Otherwise an extra fee of 50€ will be requested.